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>> good morning and we are tracking the heat again this morning around the bay triple digits. to a record breakers yesterday what are we in for today. that is the big question james. absolutely today is going to be one of those days will will be almost a carbon copy of yesterday's. livermore, concord, santa rosa and napa those locations be the record yesterday and could very well do it again today. >> is it going to be another hot one so this morning clear skies just like yesterday. will start loading up fast. already see to it to the '60s. we are even antioch coming in at 70 degrees. funny and still hot this afternoon triple digit weather. the majority of the bay area is going to be
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sweating under '80s and '90s and that includes communities right up against the bay waters as well. so here are some of the hottest of the jews were expected today danville 101, when hundreds even at livermore, 100 and fairfield. 97 and lost gatos. justice scorcher of a day in the east bay mainly but off the hot near the water. right around a piece of bomb the water in their nineties in an about three in the afternoon there will be on last time of the day you see widespread 90s in were talking anywhere from 96 through 98 degrees. if you want relief you once again have to head out to the beaches were looking for seventies and eighties in san francisco. and it's going to be hot all-around. here the temperatures. no. 4927 day. 95 in campbell. 97
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loss gatos. mid-90s by by the bay will be hot they're out to the east. lots of
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the lot of excitement at the coliseum last night. the oakland a's in the wild card. here is the very tight play off race as take a look. texas and oakland. and the east we have the yankees and the baltimore orioles fighting for the
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lead there all four of these teams are in the playoffs the detroit tigers of the fifth scene they clinched the american league central. if they do not in texas went one of these two final games in the a's will be the wild card. then they will play a one game playoff against either the iraqis of the baltimore orioles. the playoff game if the a's are the wild card would be on friday could be oin oakland york or baltimore. >> and develop a story this
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--i cried.
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>> my friend called me around 3: 30 and when i got the news i did not believe it. >> i think everyone is really depressed right now he was a great teacher. most of the kids had him. people keep saying he was the best teacher they ever had. >> not only was it a teacher doria, he was also the athletic director as well as the coach, in fact there is a picture of him coaching basketball team. it looks like many of the people wrote notes were either his students or fellow teachers at this particular school. at this point they don't know the cause of death but i can tell you that they do know --
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back in a couple of
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>> will come back 6: 14 and whether is our big story today is to take a live look at clear conditions around the bay. despite yesterday's severances goes golden gate bridge a conceit here is clear on the right and that is walnut
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blanket of red on the map that indicates the 90 degree weather and possibly the triple digit whether for some portions of the bay. here are the numbers you concede or we
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thank you erika watching
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this wild fire in riverside county. we're just learning about full containment this morning fire officials say this 364 a. blaze was burning east of riverside. the fire erupted saturday in a defenssteep terrain. >> n amtrak train carrying 169 passengers from oakland to bakersfield be railed yesterday's when a big rig truck collided with the train. two cars and a locomotive portion were pushed off of the tracks. the train was going around 600 ft. until it finally came to a stop some passengers did suffer minor to moderate injuries. passengers escape bruises and even some broken bones.
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bullyboy mal bow and muhammed shot 13 people they fired the shots at people who were at random places. malval was 17 years old at the time. he laughed about the shootings and he was first arrested but now he regrets the paint because the families. >> i am sorry! there is no way to express, there's no way to express that. what am i going to tell them. the other shooter muhammed was executed in 2009. >> authorities in chicago are working
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downy unstopables. follow jimmy's unstopables tour for free samples on chinese hackers to gain access to the military computer offices. there are measures in place to isolate these type of tax to protect sensitive information. >> from how tax payers could face a big jump in their
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taxes. if nothing is done a typical middle-class family their income with syntaxes go up by $2,000 for the average american family should nothing be done by congress. >> in world news desk as prominent pakistan in lawmakers are now offering a $200,000 reward for anyone who kills the egyptian american arrested in california last week for violating his probation. the low-budget film he made has sparked violence across the muslim world. this is the second bounty on his head. a pakistan official offered $100,000. >> from one of the biggest names in social media is in moscow. facebook founder mark zuckerberg meeting with russia's prime minister. russia wants market to
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finance close that dow >> it is beautiful out here. is amazing san francisco, october 2nd and i am in the short sleeves that shirt and completely comfortable right now. you can see how clear it is in the city right now, no fog to speak up. if you get a chance come out and enjoy it. they're people
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running, walking their dogs. if you're going to do it now is the time before the heat starts to set in. it is going to be much hotter and land in the bay area, if you get a chance this is a great place to start your morning. >> he said the same thing yesterday do the work out early. it was so sunny and hot yesterday. >> almost a carbon copy for today. here's a live look for more rubicam. blue skies once the sun comes out. clear skies this morning, warm pretty quickly '60s right now we're well on the way this seeing '70s. sonny still hot this afternoon
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temperatures in the '80s and '90s for most of the bay area. we will hit the century mark for some locations in the east. it will take a little while to start to cool things off. the danville is 1 01 livermore 100 fairfield the same thing. walnut creek you're gonna be about 9899 degrees. we could hit the center march south of sound san jose. by noon time widespread '80s. look for another scorcher of the day just about everywhere around the bay area except for maybe the immediate coast line. 92 in san jose if you hit the south lawn of one toward morgan hill you'll probably get the century mark. fairfield and the livermore looking for 100
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and slightly above that today. upper 90s for concord pleasanton in pittsburgh. you could get the center market nights and. 83 and oakland looking for a mix of upper 90s against a good bit of the north bay. we could break a record for today. the next three days calls for a cooling trend kit can for tomorrow as well as the weekend.
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>> if they sweep the rangers they will win if that at least have the wild-card game. >> opening statements for the woman accused of killing
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a nursing student. about two dozen people filled the courtroom to watch including members of lace family. prosecution told the court that they found dna evidence belonging to ask about on the shell lay staring well. other evidence included a series of threatening text messages. they disappeared in may of 2011 and her body was found and rule alameda county months later. a stabbing early sunday first marks the first of eight killings in 11 days. this happened early sunday morning at the intersection of railroad and monterey highway in san jose. you can see the crime tape as they take it down. it happened at
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one in the morning or as many as 30 people were involved in a roadside brawl. police are not sure what happened to incite that but they know at least one person was stabbed. >> there is at least 30 individuals. as whether there was a brawl or what happened is still undetermined. investigators are still going through and talking to people who were present. we are actively asking people to come forward if they were there and they were involved in the situation. >> the name of the man who was stabbed has not been released. we do not know if this is gang-related. we do know that some in addition were armed with guns. >> the body of these one of the missing fishermen was discovered by his family last night. but there is no word as to which of the
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mend it was. the boat was capsize sunday and was run aground on these rocks. the men in the two men wearing life jackets were able to swim to shore. the family members continued to surge in found the bodies of one of the manned around six in the evening last night. i am of the presidential debate with president obama and that romney is almost here. it will be taking place at the university of denver. president obama is and henderson and nevada practicing strategy for the debate. we're going to air
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you disgust me.
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prove it. enough is enough. d-con no view, no touch trap snaps to kill instantly. no looking, no touching.
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d-con. get out. >> the supreme court is not going to hear a case that challenges the use of full body scanners at the airport. the supreme court refused hear an appeal that challenged the csa and their use of scanners. they are going to hear cases on a range of issues such as same-sex marriage, voting rights, and abortions. >> a second american airlines incident, there
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could be a possible issue with certain seats. the and 747 will be inspected but no injuries were reported from those seats. there'll be a $100 fee for people who need to check their carry-on luggage at the gate. the sea has been set high on purpose to discourage people from waiting till the last minute. checking the back in advance will caugh will cost ony $20. >> guard a cell has been determined to be safe. concerns over the safety of the vaccine exxon over the fda approved it in 2006.
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duracell has been deemed safe for children as well as young as 12. it is also approved for boys to get the vaccine. >> is a clear shot of the bay bridge right now on antioch's 60 degrees. we're looking for high temperature of 98 this afternoon.
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but >> we're watching wall street the dow was up 23
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today. there's a lot to talk about this morning. >> good morning we came back the fourth quarter. >> we had such a gangbuster quarter with the dow up and the s&p up 5 and 6%. are we going to sustain this? is there a possibility we could see a major pullback this quarter? >> wall street always has a wall of worry, i'm a little surprised how high we are. the united states is not europe and will we can kind of way through europe's sawdust. >> fischer home prices were up 4.6%. and what that
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really depends on the location location location. it is part of the economy, so housing could be a nice component. once again we're not europe so we're ok here. >> let's talk about what's going on with chrysler. >> sales are up 12 percent, it's amazing what happens when you build some nice looking cars. >> later we will get ford, they're not totally immune but we will see automakers' having issues going into foreign markets. >> is that our strongest
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manufacturer, cars? >> there's been debate as to whether not apple will be part of this dispute. >> i am more interested in goebbels' tablet that is coming out later this fall. it will be a $99 tablet. they came out with a great tablet. amazon continues to come out with my staff cuts. >> how does google make a profit on a $90 tablet? >> apple will tell them it's all about the maps. mobile devices will make the money. them up there been a lot of problems with apple iphone 5. is this a problem?
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>> apple has a lot of insidious. enthusiasts. >> we will check back at 9:15 a.m. and check out the winners and losers on wall street. >> the big story, lots of heat and we will have more of it today. >> here's a look at the golden gate bridge. clear but lots of heat like yesterday. take a look at what were expecting here whether wyse moving forward. temperatures ranging from 50 the '70s that the beaches all the way to zero hundred degrees and land. tomorrow be the first day that we
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notice some cooling. we'll continue to cool as we head into the weekend with fog scheduled to come back to the bay at least by friday or saturday. let's talk about the numbers 69 and the city 68 and pontiac upper 50s and pleasanton and we're starting off at a comparable note. by noon times holiday's around the immediate bay by for in the afternoon we're seeing widespread 90 degree weather. anywhere from 91 all the way up to 99 and possibly the 100 and some communities. fairfield could very well have the century mark livermore as well as danville. south of san jose we could get up to a hundred near gilroy and morgan hill. 93 in oakland 92 in san jose 83 in san francisco and
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a mix of low the mid-90s even into the upper 90s in napa. santa rosa may break a record today. concord may also surpassed the record for this day. it is going to be our last really hot one though because wednesday you consider temperatures gradually cool as we head towards the weekend. there this weekend as fleet week and if you're going to enjoy it temperatures are going to be right around 58 in the city to start and then gets about 63 in the afternoon. you'll see some morning fog that will take a little longer to burn off and visibility should be pretty good for the blue angel store. the air show you've corsica much here on kron4 later. ll talk about >> we are back up to the approach a toll bridge plaza. we do not have any
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incidents to report and the good news is we're seeing more shuffling coming in from i 80 this morning. the meter lights are on and they're pretty active. we'll continue to see slow conditions across the upper deck. the bay bridge has the potential slow spot in the drive is still at least 15 minutes. the san mateo bridge west brown is slowly building out towards west city. the golden gate bridge southbound 101 slow traffic awaits you. it's pretty dark out there and it looks like heavy conditions however no incidents to report. we're starting slow through the caldecott tunnel and the yellow indicates speeds averaging 45 mi. per hour. the altamont pass is a long stretch of red with speeds
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below 24 mi. an hour. the south bay when no one a sluggish coming out of the coyote valley. yellow indicates these about 30 m.p.h. there. no. down 85 there is a new act accidents to report. it looks like the accident has however been cleared off to the right hand shoulder. the good news is we don't have any delays to speak of between cooperstown and mountain view. >> i wanna show you some video that will have an. there is a devastating ferry crashed in hong kong. six people are arrested in connection with this ferry accident. 37 people were killed in the crash, it is one of the worst disasters that hong kong has seen in years. two passenger boats collided over lot island.
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100 people were thrown into the sea. one of the vessels was carrying the families to watch fireworks. rescue crews managed to pull 123 people out of the water safely but 37 people were killed.
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